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I believe in writing. Ever since I learned to read, I wrote novels, plays, and even some musical scores. I believe that writing is a therapeutic essence that cannot be found elsewhere. The paper and pencil were my best friends when I was younger. I kept a journal for my daily activities and thoughts hidden behind my bookshelf in my room. In those journals I would write my inner most thoughts/feelings or just what happened at school that day.I had great friends and experienced professionals that helped me deal with the ongoing stress (http://www.robertclark-cpa.com/). Sometimes the pages would … Read the rest

UAE Schools

New Student Regulations – May Allow Students Easier Access to Work!

All is not lost for a student attempting to take advantage of the UAE’s often top-notch universities, however. Recently, a regulation was introduced to allow students in several of Dubai’s international campuses to legally work for one of thousands of companies in several of the city’s free zone clusters, enabling students to gain experience and mitigate the cost of their university attendance by working in one of several creatively driven industries. While this regulation does not encompass the entirety of the United Arab Emirates’ immigrant students, modifying the law in Dubai accommodates a huge portion of this population. This regulation Read the rest

GITEX Technology Week in Dubai

October 16 kicked off the annual GITEX Technology Week in Dubai. During this event, many shoppers will get the chance to purchase this year’s latest models in many different forms of technology, while investors will get the chance to inspect the innovations made by startups showcasing their products. Though GITEX places an emphasis on technological innovation in the Gulf, it is not exclusively an event for firms based locally, and attracts investors and startup companies internationally. As one of the most influential technology expos in the world, interest in investment into the United Arab Emirates’ technological sector may bring a Read the rest

Students working in UAE

While many college students in the United States know part time work as a fairly ubiquitous and many times necessary aspect of attending a university, such as working in a restaurant, bussing tables, cleaning yards, mowing grass, or putting up fences like here, who offers student work. 

UAE Student Work

The same cannot be said of students studying at universities in the United Arab Emirates. Specifically, students immigrating to Dubai in order to study at one of its universities must be sponsored as a student by either a relative living there – or more often – the university itself. Someone in the Read the rest

UAE Still Aiding Quake Victims

Though the Sheikhs of the United Arab Emirates often bring to mind extreme wealth and

opulence, it can be easy to forget the acts of those such as Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al

Maktoum: recently his private jet flew aid all the way from Dubai to Haiti, which still recovering

after recently being hit by Hurricane Matthew. His junior wife Princess Haya bint Al Hussein

travelled on the airlift to oversee part of the journey.

Princess Haya bint Al Hussein

With destruction rivaling that of the 2010 earthquake, Hurricane Matthew has destroyed

much of the housing in Haiti, as well as flooding a large part … Read the rest

Welcome to my Emirates Site!

Hey it’s Brock here guys, how are you? Good, me too. Welcome to my new website www.listitunitedarabemirates.com! Thank for joining me and reading what I have to share with you!

I am here to provide:

  • Fun content
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I really started this about Emirate because they are my number one absolute favorite soccer team, and really I wanted a place to write and express myself. I could have picked a few other topics to write about, but truthfully this fell in my lap. So, here I … Read the rest